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Carmarthenshire plays its role in Earth Day

Carmarthenshire plays its role in Earth Day

Saturday, April 22, marks Earth Day and whilst this is a truly global occasion, Carmarthenshire County Council is committed to accelerate its commitment and contribution to combating climate change and other environmental issues.

Since 1970, Earth Day is marked  annually across the globe with its purpose to raise awareness for the need to protect the natural environment, tackle climate change and to protect natural resources for future generations.

In line with the theme for Earth Day 2023, which is ‘Invest in our planet’, Carmarthenshire County Council is proud to have invested its time, resources and energy to improving the county’s environment and contribute to the global cause to solve climate change. Here are a few examples of how we are inviting in our planet.

Carmarthen Learning Centre

Work has recently been completed at Carmarthen Learning Centre to make it more energy efficient and reduce its carbon emissions by 76%. Retrofit measures that include cavity wall insulation, double glazing, and roof improvements have been implemented to improve the heat retention of the building. The Learning Centre is no longer reliant on a gas supply as Solar Panels an Air Source Heat Pump provide energy and heat to the building. Energy efficient LED lighting have also been installed.

Not only has the upgrade works reduced the impact the building has on the environment, it has also improved the comfort and experience for those who work and learn in the building.

Tree Planting

To help improve Carmarthenshire’s Authority’s environment and increase biodiversity, the Council’s Rural Conservation Team and Property Department arranged the planting of over 8,000 native broadleaved trees to create 4.5 hectares of new woodland on Council owned land at Tregib (Llandeilo), Pendre (Kidwelly) and Maesdewi (Llandybie). Community planting days, including a day for pupils from Llandybie Primary School, were held at all sites.

Throughout their lifetime, the trees will extract carbon emissions from the atmosphere and within 15-years of their planting, they will have removed 466 tons of carbon equivalent from the atmosphere.

Tree Nursery Plans at our Day Centres

Plans have been put together by the Council’s Conservation team, with the help of the Botanic Gardens, for a Tree Nursery and wildlife friendly grounds to be developed in Johnstown Day Centre. With financial support from ‘Places for Nature’ funding scheme, the garden will include an accessible outdoor growing area and sensory garden, a woodland garden, a bog garden, meadow areas and an orchard. Although the project is taking place at the Johnstown centre, it will involve all day services through the collecting and planting of native seeds. There are also plans for a similar project to take place at Manor Road Day Centre. Not only will the garden improve the biodiversity of the area, but it will also provide a safe and accessible space for all to enjoy.

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Decarbonisation and Sustainability, Cllr. Aled Vaughan Owen said: “It is very apt that this year’s theme for Earth Day is ‘Invest in our planet’ as this is exactly what we are doing here in Carmarthenshire to decarbonise our climate and protect our natural environment.

“Across all of the Council’s services, we are implementing changes, both big and small, that will reduce the county’s carbon emissions to play our part in the global effort to tackle change and make Carmarthenshire a better, healthier place for our children and our children’s children to live.”

Carmarthenshire County Council is also supporting Wales Outdoor Learning Week – 24 to 30 April 2023 and encouraging residents and visitors to Carmarthenshire to veture out into the outdoors and discover what Sir Gâr has to offer. For ideas of places to visit in the county, please visit the Discover Carmarthenshire website.

To find our more information about Earth Day 2023, please visit www.earthday.org/earth-day-2023/